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What happened to the actor actress of Love & Hip Hop show? Three cast member of this show got sex tape scandal leaked on the internet till now. Jessica Dime is the third of them. Some sources reported that the sex scandal tape involved LodyLucci and Jessica Dime. Lucci was very clever; she just has been waiting to hit on the right moment. The revealer of Jessica Dime nude sex scandal tape turned her into a reality star. Jessica Dame involved in relationship with Shawne Williams who was an NBA player. Shawne faced a divorce scandal due to his relationship with Jessica Dime.

Jessica Dime Sex Tape LEAKED by Lody Lucci! [FULL VIDEO]

By the way, Jessica Dime is not the first reality star who has sex tape scandal. There are plenty of scandals stories in reality show arena. Mimi Faust sex video tape is one of them. She licked a big dick on that video. The sex tape was leaked in the year of 2016 in October. By the way, the tape was actually a rumor with Moneice Slaughter. The video also made a storm in social media. This is not the end, another rumor was revealed that she involved in a sex tape with Princess Love. This girl one dated with Ray J who had a sex tape with the sexy hot chick Kim Kardashian.

This is a matter of wonder that from one showthere are so many sex scandals. Holly shit! Jessica got a very attractive sex appeal. See the every inch of her every curve on this video.