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Some of you may not know Noni Janur. She got famous by joining as a contestant in the TV show The Bachelor Australia Season 4. She has lots of fans for her cranky personality. People also like her because of her fun outlook. Her hot and sexy shape of the body helped her to become famous in the celebrity world.

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Noni Janur is a 26 years old hot lady who lives in Sydney in Australia. She is a successful swimwear fashion designer. Noni Janur is seen in the beach most of the time because she works for swim suits. She wears the latest collections on which she looks god damn sexy. She is a successful marketer because she knows how to use her sexy boobs and ass. She catches the public attention exposing her curvy figure towards them.

Is the gorgeous and sexy lady is single now? What do you think? Some sources report that she might be in a relationship with Sam Johnston from The Bachelorettes. Paparazzi camera saw them when they were shopping together. So people take this issue seriously. By the way,

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