[R-RATED] Paris Hilton Exposed Sex Tape!

The sex tape girl! This comes first in our mind when we think about the name Paris Hilton. She has been continuously making a headline about her scandals. People also grab the opportunity to see this sexy and hot bitch in real video footage.

Paris Hilton Sex Tape – A Classic

We are giving some description for who does not know much about Paris Hilton. She was born in New York City in 1981. She is from a rich family and she had a passion from her childhood to become a singer or an actress. She became the New York’s Leading IT girl” in 2001. Then Paris has been always in entertainment news for her relationships with various people. She got more attention and became more famous when a sex tape was leaked in the year of 2004.

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Paris Hilton was in a relationship with Rick Salomon. A leaked video shows that she was in intimate physical involving with her then boyfriend. The video was tapped with a camera in night vision mode but some scenes are in normal mode. But some sources day that the video was tapped not releasing in public. But it got leaked just before some weeks of starting of The Simple Life TV series. Paris Hilton played a very important role on this TV series. So people thought Paris did the leaking by herself just because of publicity stunt. This video got dubbed and released with a title “1 Night in Paris”. The interesting fact is that the video got the “Best Overall Marketing Campaign-Individual” and the “Best Selling Title of the Year” award. It also got the “Favorite Celebrity Sex Tape” in F.A.M.E award in 2008.

By the way, after releasing the video Rick became very angry and their relationship came to a disgusting end. They sued each other and went to court to reconcile the issue. But now things are different, now Paris Hilton is a successful business person. She is busy with increasing the brand value of her product. Ok, that’s all for now, here is the leaked sex tape of sexy Paris Hilton. You will make you cum out.